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If you are eligible to join the P&P we would be delighted to accept you as a member of the Past and Present.

There is a one off Lifetime Membership fee of £40. Applicants of 65 years of age or over will be granted membership free of subscription.

Complete and submit the

membership form

The Association was inaugurated in November 1985 in the Sgts Mess at St Omer Barracks, Aldershot. Our worldwide membership is currently 485 members, many of whom attend the annual dinner and other events organised in locations throughout the UK.

The membership of the Past & Present is restricted to people that have been or are Sergeants, Staff Sergeants or Warrant Officers in either;

The objects of the Past and Present Association are:

The subscription for life membership is £40. Applicants aged 65 years or older will be granted membership free of subscription.