The Army Catering Corps and The Royal Logistic Corps Chefs (Past & Present) Sergeants’ Association, referred to as the P&P in this document, is fully committed to ensuring the privacy of its members and users of the www.SgtsMess.ACCassociationorg website. This Privacy Policy Statement explains how we use what personal information we hold on any identifiable individual to improve the service the Association offers the membership and the measures we take to keep that information secure. This policy may change occasionally so please check this statement from time to time.

Background Information

The P&P was inaugurated in 1985 by members of the Sergeants’ Mess, St Omer Barracks, Aldershot. A database was created to store the details of the members who joined the Association. This Membership Database had been maintained ever since and has been added to as new members have joined the Association.

A copy of this database was passed to Army Catering Corps Association in March 2013. That data was used by the ACC Association to augment their own membership records. The ACC Association became the Data Controller for the data that was pasted to them and at the same time the P&P ceased to have any direct responsibility for that data.


The P&P, as the Data Controller for the ACC & RLC Chefs (Past & Present) Sergeants’ Association Membership Database, must comply with the provisions of the 1998 Data Protection Act. The Act has eight principles that must be adhered to. In summary, they require that data in our databases shall be:

1. fairly and lawfully processed;

2. processed for limited purposes;

3. adequate, relevant and not excessive;

4. accurate;

5. not kept longer than necessary;

6. processed in accordance with the data subjects’ rights;

7. secure;

8. not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection

How we collect the information we hold

The P&P will collect personal information from you through your Membership Application Form and any other forms that you have submitted and through any e-mails that you send us.

We also collect information automatically each time you visit the website. This information, which records what parts of the website you visited, is only used as aggregate information, not as identifiable individual information.

Use of cookies

If we use "cookies" to identify you when you visit the P&P website we will display the regulatory message informing you what we are doing. A cookie is a small amount of information which is sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive, which then enables our web-server to collect information back from your browser each time you visit the ACC Association site. You can find out more about the use of cookies from the Infomation Commissioner’s Office.

What information do we hold about you?

In the membership database we hold basic contact details, name, initials, postal and email addresses. For some members we have a few additional elements like date of birth, service number, dates of military service. None of the data we hold on an individual would be classified under the Data Protection Act as "Sensitive Personal Data".

You can write to the address below to request a report of all data we hold about you. There is currently no charge for this service.

We also use the aggregate information about visitors' site usage patterns to enable us to see how popular different parts of the site are with our visitors, helping us decide how best to further develop the website.

What we do with personal information

We use personal information that you give us to keep a record of the P&P membership and to be able to contact individual members. We also use the information to answer your enquiries, and provide you with information you have requested about the Association.

How we ensure the accuracy of the information

In an attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information we hold we will from time to time request individual members of the P&P to update the information we hold on them and confirm it is accurate.


Who do we share information with?

The P&P shares what information it holds about identifiable individual members with The RLC Association and the ACC Association. The P&P will not share any information we store about you with any other third party or individual member of the Association.

The P&P has an agreement with both The RLC Association and ACC Association, as "Data Processors" of the information we hold, that requires them to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and abide with the principles laid out in this document.


How we ensure the security and privacy of the data?

The data is stored on a server and access to that part of the system where the data is physically stored is via a User ID and Password login process. The number of personnel who have been issued with a User ID and Password is strictly limited to people who would have a valid requirement to process the data.

The data file is encrypted and can only be opened and read by the input of a secure password. The number of personnel who have been issued with the Password is strictly limited to people who would have a legitimate requirement to process the data.

What if you would like us not to contact you in the future?

You can write, email or call us at the addresses below to request us not to contact you again in the future.

What if you would like your details removed from our records?

Once again, write, email or call us at the addresses below and we will, at your request, delete your details from our records.

For more information about Data Protection and your rights visit the following site


If you have any further queries, you can contact the Association’s Secretary, who is the Data Controller, at:



ACC & RLC Chefs (Past & Present) Sergeants’ Association

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Telephone: 01256 760639




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